Calendar Interface Walkthrough

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This article summarizes the various filters and functions that make up DivvyHQ's Calendar interface.


The Divvy Details

Divvy's Calendar interface is designed to provide you with a much-desired visual view of your content schedule. In addition, we've made sure that the functional experience of the Divvy calendar mimics such calendar applications as Outlook or Google Calendar (ex: drag and drop to reschedule content deadlines). But the similarities stop there. The features below set Divvy apart by delivering custom features that are ideal for managing your editorial/content-centric schedule


Divvy includes several filters/tabs at the top that give you complete control over your calendar view. Filters can also be combined to narrow your view down to very specific queries. Users can filter by:

Icons & Color-Coding

Within the calendar interface, icons and colors are used to help users visually differentiate between content types and content items that belong to certain calendars. Icons and colors can be customized within the DivvyHQ Calendar Admin.


Unscheduled Content Panel

If you've recognized a hole in your editorial calendar, perhaps you need to fill it with an idea from the Unscheduled Content Panel! Docked on the right side of the calendar interface, users can click the blue tab, which will open the Unscheduled Content Panel. If you find an idea that you'd like to schedule, simply click and drag the idea title onto the calendar and drop it on your desired day.

To help make sure you are looking at the right ideas in the Unscheduled Content Panel, we display content in that view that matches your current calendar interface filters. That way you can make sure you are filling those holes in your content calendar with content that matches your needs (and current view).

Saved Views

Have a filtered view you just dig?! Great, you can save those filters with Divvy's Saved View feature. The Standard View is the default view when entering the calendar interface (unless you've set a favorite view), and has no filters applied to it. Saved views are views that you design then save, for later reference. Set your filters to your desired view, then save it, so you can return to that view by simply selecting it via the Saved View drop down.

If you have a saved view that you want to load every time to you return to the calendar interface, no problem. Set that saved view as your favorite (star it), and it will load by default whenever you hit the calendar interface.


Should you need to print your current, filtered view of the calendar interface, just click the printer icon in the top right.

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