Campaigns Interface Overview

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If you’ve been working in marketing or advertising for any length of time, you’ve probably planned and executed your fair share of campaigns over the years. To properly support this, DivvyHQ provides a robust campaigns management area that will help you keep your campaigns, and their supporting content, more organized.


What is a Campaign in Divvy?

Before we get too deep here, let's first define what a campaign is. In the marketing world, campaigns are typically larger initiatives that are supported by multiple activities and content assets. For example, say you're launching a new product and you're planning to execute a multi-channel campaign with lots of content to promote the launch.

Our Campaigns feature acts as a container designed to help you plan, manage and produce all of the things needed for a campaign. You can create a campaign and see it as a spanning event on the calendar. You can associate individual content projects/assets to campaigns. You can build workflows for campaigns. And you can track the status of all the campaign to-dos from a single campaign detail view.

Main Campaign Elements

The Campaigns feature can be broken down into four main parts (click the links to drill in deeper):

  • The Campaigns interface (screenshot below): allows you to preview campaigns, search campaigns, filter your campaigns list, create campaign lists (saved views), and add a new campaign.
  • Campaign Preview (slide-in): allows you to get a quick preview of an individual campaign's key details by single-clicking on a campaign. You can also edit details from this preview panel.
  • Campaign Detail View: allows you edit an individual campaign's details, manage campaign workflows/tasks, view all associated content, collaborate with campaign comments, add attachments, duplicate a campaign, and delete a campaign.
  • Add New Campaign (Form): allows you to name your campaign, select a campaign type, select associated calendars, specify a campaign workflow, and determine its start and end date.

Campaigns Interface Overview

From this interface, you can view all campaigns that have been associated with calendars to which you have access. This interface allows you to do the following:

  • Preview a Campaign - A single click on an individual campaign will trigger that campaign's campaign slide-in.
  • Search - The search box in the upper left allows you to filter down the campaigns list based on the Campaign’s title.
  • Filter - Use filters to locate campaigns based on date ranges, calendars, campaign types, campaign status, or priority.
  • Create Saved Campaign Views - Once you've filtered your list of campaigns, you can save that filtered view and give it a name for easy viewing later. 
  • Manage Columns - Data columns can also be managed much like Divvy’s Content interface
  • Add a New Campaign - Click the Add New Campaign button in the top right.
  • Bulk Delete Campaigns - Delete unwanted campaigns via the bulk action option.

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