Campaign Detail View

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When you're ready to drill into the full details of an individual campaign, you can get there a few different ways:

  1. From the calendar - Look for light-colored, spanning bars that are located either at the top of the calendar or in-line within the calendar rows (screenshot below). When you find the one you want to view, double click it, or you can single click to open the Campaign Details from the campaign preview (slide-in) panel.
  2. From the Campaigns Interface - Click Campaigns in the top navigation, find the campaign you want to view and either double-click it or you can single-click to open the Campaign Details from the campaign preview (slide-in) panel.


The Campaign Details View

Once you've landed on an individual campaign's detail view, there's a lot that you can see and do. Here's a quick breakdown of the different components (screenshot below):

  • Campaign Overview - the basic details of the campaign. You can add/edit the campaign description, edit the campaign type and priority, and set/adjust campaign dates.
  • Campaign Production Schedule - much like content projects, campaigns can have a workflow or task list to manage any logistics/to-dos you'd like to track. One-click editing is available for quick assignment of team members, deadlines, and task status.
  • Edit Details Button - Should you want to make any edits to anything on the details view, you can click the blue Edit Details button and the view will convert to an editable form.
  • Archive Button - Upon completing your campaign, you may want to close it out. Archiving a campaign will hide it from your view on the calendar, selecting it from the Content Strategy filter, or selecting it to associate with a new content item.
  • Duplicate the Campaign - If you regularly do similar campaigns, you can duplicate the current campaign and all its content (optional) to save time. 
  • Campaign Team - any avatars that you see in the top right are the members of your campaign team. Campaigns can have a designated owner (and co-owners) who has permission to edit all campaign details, and team members, who are automatically assigned based on the associated calendars that each campaign has connected.
  • Campaign Progress bar - The progress bar in the top right will give you a quick display of the percentage of content items you have completed for the campaign. 
  • Campaign Comments - Your campaign team can collaborate with the comments panel on the right. 
  • Campaign Attachments - Should you need to add assets that may be used across the campaign (logos, strategy documents, etc.), you can add them to the campaign, not just an individual content item.

View All Campaign Content

The Campaign Content tab provides a full list of all content items that have been associated with this campaign. This should be a big time-saver for checking in on the progress of current campaign content assets or reviewing what you executed for past campaigns. The list can be exported or printed if needed.



Delete a Campaign

In the event that you want to Delete a Campaign, go to the campaign detail view or the campaign slide-in and click the trash can icon in the upper right. Confirm the deletion by clicking Delete.

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