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DivvyHQ's Sandbox is designed to be a secure container that houses all details and assets associated with an individual content item. As content drafts and assets are produced, they can be uploaded via the Attachments tab. Here's a quick walkthrough of some of the noteworthy functions and how to be utilize this interface.


Attachments Tab Overview

The Attachments Tab can be accessed either by previewing a content item (slide-in panel) or by opening a content item in the Sandbox, then clicking the Attachments Tab.

From the Attachments tab, content producers can attach files directly from their computers or from various DAM and cloud storage platforms (ex: Canto, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint).


Files can be uploaded either by dragging and dropping files (from your file browser) into the designated upload area or by clicking the choose a file(s) link. Multiple files can be uploaded at a time, but each file must be under 200mb.

Once uploaded, each file will be referenced with a thumbnail and some additional information about the file, including:

  • Type of file
  • Upload date/time
  • Who uploaded it
  • The file size.
Attachments can be viewed in either a Grid view or a List view (click your desired icon). Grid view will display larger thumbnails, but less file details. List view will display smaller thumbnails, but more file details. The screenshots included on this article show the List view.

Working With Attached Files


Once files are attached, there are a variety of functions included to enable you to perform various actions like viewing the file or downloading it. Here are some common actions:

  1. Viewing an Attachment- Clicking the bold blue file name will provide a preview of the asset. How the preview is generated will depend on the type of file you are previewing.
    1. For example, previewing an image (ex: .png, .jpg) will open a new browser tab to display the image. If previewing a Word doc, we have an embedded MS Word previewer interface that will open a read-only version of the document. 
  2. Download an Attachment- Clicking the download link will tricker your browser to save the file to your computer. Depending on your computer's document management settings, this may also trigger the launch of an application, which will open the file automatically.
    1. For example, many content producers will set their browser to automatically open links to Word documents in MS Word. 
  3. Edits the File Name or Add a Description - Should you desire to edit the name of the file or add a description to the file, click the MORE link and edit the fields as desired. 
  4. Delete the Attachment - self explanatory. But note that there is no "undo", so make sure you really want to delete the file.
  5. Download All Attachments - Should you desire to download all attachments at once, you can click the Download All Attachments link and your files will be downloaded via a Zip file.

There is no limitation on the number of files that can be stored within a content item. The only limitation is a 200mb file size limit per uploaded file. However, there is no file-size limitation when files are attached from cloud storage platforms.

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