Sandbox Overview

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The DivvyHQ Sandbox is where most of the production and collaboration happens on an individual piece of content. The interface includes several tabs that manage and house all details, deadlines, the content item's production schedule/tasks, the actual content, comments, attachments (assets), and functionality for promoting the content. Continue reading for a detailed description of what's included on each tab and recommendations on how to properly manage an individual content item from idea to promotion.


Sandbox Header & Tabbed Navigation

When you first open a content item in the Sandbox, you'll notice a dark header at the top that includes the content item's Title, it's designated content type icon, a section of tabbed navigation, multiple action buttons, assigned team members and a status (progress) bar. But let's start on the left and go from there.


Details Tab

Due to our analysis of how users interact with content in DivvyHQ, we've redesigned the Details tab to include the most important (and most used) elements of Divvy's content production functionality. The Details tab includes four distinct sections: Overview, Key Dates, Production Schedule, and Content Strategy.



To edit any of the "details" of a content item, click the blue Edit Details button located on the right and the entire tab will switch to edit mode. Simply make your changes and then click Save Changes or Cancel to switch back to the report view. A confirmation message will display at the top once your changes have been saved.

Note: You can order the tabs in any way you want by simply clicking and dragging a tab. Divvy will remember your preference that you've set within the Sandbox.

Content Tab

If/when you wish to produce content directly in DivvyHQ, the Content tab is ready for you. The Content tab technically has two states, a read state, and a write state. The read state is displayed when you first land on the Content tab and can be used to quickly review content or data that has been stored with the full content field. To write content, you'll need to click the Open in Editor button and our HTML editor will be displayed. You also have the option to view prior versions of the content edited by anyone who is assigned to that calendar by clicking Compare Versions.

We separate the read and write states to ensure data doesn't get overwritten if two people are trying to edit content at the same time. If a user is currently writing or editing a piece of content, the write state is locked for other users. Keep in mind you’ll be able to see all the edits they make using the “compare versions" button.  

Attachments Tab

Storing visual assets, content drafts and other reference materials is another popular aspect of our platform, so we've given attachments their own tab. More space means larger thumbnails and a better user experience. Docked at the top of this tab, users have four options for attaching files, including: 

  • Drag & Drop - Drag files directly from your computer's file browser and drop them within the drop zone (dotted rectangle).
    • You can also drag and drop an image directly into the WYSIWYG edit mode, and it will automatically attach itself to the content item > attachments tab. 
  • Choose a File Link - Click this to trigger your file browser and select which files you wish to attach. 
  • Attach from Canto - Canto is a popular digital asset management platform and we have a native integration for Canto customers. 
  • Attach from Cloud - If you've stored files in Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive for Business or SharePoint, you can attach the shared file URL. 
  • Download a single file, or download all attachments. 
Note: downloading all attachments will store them in a Zip folder & Google Drive files will be saved as a text file within this Zip folder.  

Promotion Tab

The Promotion tab includes functions that give users the ability to draft social posts that are associated to the content item on which you are working.

Activity Tab

As content teams get bigger and multiple people are involved in producing, editing and approving content, keeping a record of all that activity becomes very important. For this reason, we've dedicated a tab to each content item's activity, which logs a myriad of user events, including: status changes, deadline changes, team member assignments, task completion and file uploads.


Series Tab

True publishers already have placeholders plotted on their editorial calendars for future content. Whether it's a weekly blog series, or you participate in Throwback Thursdays, our Series tab will help you get any recurring content series set up quickly.


Comments Panel

Team collaboration is one of the most important aspects of DivvyHQ. For this reason, we've given the comments panel prime screen real estate and priority over other production elements. No matter what you're doing, or where you are in the DivvyHQ Sandbox, comments will be visible and referenceable in the right column.


The Comments Area allows users to:

  • View any comments associated to the content item
  • Add, edit (pencil icon), or delete (trashcan icon) a comment
  • Reply to a comment (reply arrow icon)
  • Add emoji reactions to comments
  • Lightly format comments via the following methods:
    • Bold - wrap the text with **text** or select the text and use the shortcut Ctrl+b
    • Italics - wrap the text with //text// or select the text and use the shortcut Ctrl+i
    • Underline - wrap the text with __underline__ (two underscores on each side) or select the text and use the shortcut Ctrl+u
    • Numbered list - to start a numbered list use the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+7
    • Bulleted list - to start a bulleted list use the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+8

Sandbox Header > Additional Actions

On the right side of the Sandbox interface header, you can execute the following actions (starting from left to right):

  • Download: Clicking on this icon triggers the download content overlay, allowing you to download the content of the content tab via .docx or PDF format
  • Send To: Clicking this icon triggers a simple form that lets you send (via email) the content item to other members of your team
  • Duplicate: Clicking this icon allows you to duplicate the complete content item, including all details, content, attachments, etc.
  • Delete: Clicking this icon will trigger the deletion process, but you'll be asked to confirm the deletion before it happens. Be careful!
  • Assign Team Members: Avatars of assigned team members will display here. If you need to assign another team member, click the "+" icon to select them.
  • Adjust the Status: Clicking a node on the status bar will update the status of the content item and notify assigned team members.

That's it folks...Now go create something great!

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