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This article discusses the original intent and various options surrounding the key date fields available in the Divvy Sandbox.

The Divvy Details


Deadline - Since DivvyHQ is designed to be a content planning and production workflow tool, the deadline field is intended to be the primary production deadline for the content item. For many, this deadline date/time is the target publish date/time. It's really up to you to determine what this date field means for your team. We would recommend that you explicitly define and communicate your internal rule for this field to ensure consistent use and accountability.

Promotion Date - Much of our content is being produced to support websites and online media properties. If we don't promote that content, we run the risk of no one ever experiencing it. Utilizing various promotional techniques, as well as paid distribution, is all but required to gain traction and traffic. Additionally, various social tools are available that allow us to calculate the ideal days and times in which the largest percentage of our social community is likely online. Therefore, DivvyHQ includes a specific promotion date field that can be utilized to capture this ideal date/time. There are certainly other uses, but it's up to you how and if your team will use it.

Maintenance Date - This field is intended to provide a simple governance mechanism (maintenance reminder) for your content. When you set a future date on a content item, and you enable maintenance email reminders, you'll be reminded to take another look at a past piece of content that might need to be updated (or removed). 

Published Date - Published Date - This date auto-populates based on when the content item's status is changed to Published. If you ever need to change this date, click the Edit Details option in the content item slide-in or within the details tab of the sandbox, change the date and save.

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