Idea Storage: The DivvyHQ Parking Lot

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This article provides a walkthrough of the features and benefits of our repository for content ideas, the DivvyHQ Parking Lot.


The Divvy Details

Have a great idea, but don’t know what you’re going to do with it? Park it! The DivvyHQ Parking Lot allows you and your team to capture your moments of brilliance in a shared repository for future review. You can store them for a future content planning meeting, or until you have time to dig back in.


To add an idea to your Parking Lot, simply add a new content item, fill in the required fields, then hit "Park It".

Note: Clicking "Park It" will automatically set the "Status" field to Parking Lot upon save, so you can basically ignore the status field. You also have the option of deleting the date in the deadline field, or you can just leave it as is and update it later when you're ready to get the idea scheduled.


Divvy includes several filters/tabs at the top that give you complete control over your ideas view. Filters can also be combined to narrow your view down to very specific queries. Users can filter by:

Saved Views

To change your default view, adjust the available filters (Calendars, Dates, Team Members, etc.), and after you have selected the ones you'd like to view, click the green "Filter" button on top.  Clicking "Add New View" will establish this filtered view as a default option, which you can select every time you come back to the content interface.


For example, your Ideas interface provides you with a multitude of filters and column preferences, which you can add to your "saved views" for quick, easy access.  Once you have a saved view, you can also make it your default by just clicking the star and establishing it as your default saved view.

Note: The last column you sort in a saved view is remembered as a preference for that saved view. In short, you sort, Divvy remember

Edit Columns

Within the Ideas Interface, you can also customize the columns that you’d like to be present. On the right, click Edit Columns, use the checkboxes to select the columns you want displayed, and then scroll down to the bottom and click the blue Apply button.

Column Order

And if that wasn’t enough customization, you can actually change the order of the columns within your Parking Lot view. Hovering over each column header will display a drag bars icon at the top right of each column. Then simply click and drag the column to the left or right and drop it in your desired location. This column order will now be your default view going forward.

Bulk Actions

The Ideas Interface allows you to perform a few Bulk Actions with your content and more are in the works. Currently, you can bulk delete, bulk approve, and bulk publish multiple content items in one shot. To perform one of these bulk actions, select your desired content items and click the bulk actions drop-down (see Figure below). Select which bulk action you want to perform and then click Apply.

Exporting Content to CSV & XML 

Need to export your ideas? We make that pretty easy with our Export to CSV feature. Start by using your content filters to narrow your content list down to the ideas you wish to export. Then just hit the CSV button in the upper right hand of the Ideas interface. If your filtered list has less than or equal to 50 content items, the export will download directly to your browser. If your list consists of over 50 content items it will be generated and emailed to you within a couple of minutes.

Parking Lot Access from the DivvyHQ Calendar

You can also access your list of parked ideas via the calendar interface by clicking the Unscheduled Content Panel icon > Parking Lot tab.

In the event that you're looking to fill a hole on your content calendar, you can simply drag and drop ideas from the Parking Lot and Planned tab directly onto your calendar! To help make sure you are looking at the right ideas in the Unscheduled Content Panel (UCP), we display content in that view that matches your current calendar interface filters. That way you can make sure you are filling those holes in your content calendar with content that matches your needs (and current view).

If you see some content items on the calendar that are not quite ready for primetime, or you dropped something from the UCP to the calendar by accident, worry not! You can drag these content items from the calendar back to the UCP. If you drag a content item from the calendar to the Planned tab, it will remove any key dates, and put it into planned status. If you drag a content item from the calendar to the Parking Lot tab, it will remove any key dates, and put it into Parking Lot status.

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