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The Divvy Details

Each user role in DivvyHQ comes with a specific set of permissions. These permissions determine what users are able to see and do within the platform. Below is a brief explanation of each user role.

User Role Types

Global Admin

Has complete control over the account and its users. Essentially, they can see all and do all.

Billing Admins 

This person can have any user role on each calendar, but applying this role means they can manage account settings/billing as well. This is a good role to give to someone who doesn’t need to be active in the account but does need to be able to manage the billing details.

Parent Calendar Admins 

For enterprise accounts, this role can do everything on the parent calendar (and all associated child calendars) to which they are assigned.


They have all content-related permissions (full read/write access) on the calendars (and associated content) to which they are assigned.


They can view all content on the calendars to which they are assigned. They can create new content items on calendars to which they have access. They have full read/write access on the content items to which they are the content owner. They can edit content items to which they are assigned.

Internal Reviewers 

They can view (read-only access) all content on the CALENDARS to which they’ve been given access, and they have read-only access of those content items, and can add comments or attachments. They can’t create new content items. They can change the content status to Approved, edit their own production tasks, and upload/download file attachments on CONTENT ITEMS to which they are assigned.

External Reviewers 

They can only view (read-only access) content items to which they’ve been assigned. They can’t create new content items. On content items they’ve been assigned to, they can change the content status, edit their own production tasks, upload/download file attachments, and create and reply to comments.

For a more detailed breakdown:

Adding Team Members

Inviting Team Members & Reviewers

There are three ways you can add team members to your Divvy account.

  1. You can use the persistent +ADD NEW drop down in the top right and select Team Member
  2. You can go to the Team Members section located in your Profile menu (top right).
  3. Or you can go to the Calendar Admin > Team Members tab.  

Once there, click the orange Add Team Member button to display the Add Team Member invitation form. Fill in at least the required fields (First Name, Last Name, Email Address) and then click the green Add Team Member button. If you would like the team member to utilize a Reviewer-only user seat, then select this option before clicking the Add Team Member button.

After you’ve clicked Add Team Member you will be presented with a screen that allows you to select the newly added team member’s role on a per calendar basis. If you selected the Reviewer-only option on the previous form, then you will only be able to give the new user Internal Reviewer or External Reviewer roles on each calendar.

Assigning Access and User Roles Per Calendar

Each user can be assigned a different role on each calendar. For example, one of your team members might need to be the editor for your blog calendar, but they should be an internal reviewer on your social media calendar. 

Once you’ve added a team member, hover over their name and a View/Edit User link will become visible. Click that link and you will be presented with an overlay that will show the calendars specific to your account, with a corresponding drop down for each. Clicking on these drop down will provide you with the user roles available. Select the role that best applies for that team member on each calendar.

Selecting a role on a Parent Calendar will trigger a notification that the role selected will propagate to all the child calendars underneath it.

Once you’ve determined the best roles for the team member to have on each calendar, hit the green Next button.  

Deleting a Team Member and Resolving Conflicts

If by chance you ever need to delete a team member from your account, it’s important that any calendars or content they own is reassigned to another user.

To delete a team member, either go to your Team Members management area (located in the top right drop-down menu) or the Calendar Admin > Team Members tab. Hover over the team member’s name and click the Delete User link. The system will ask you to confirm your user deletion.

You’ll then be presented with a conflict resolution form, which ensures that deleting a user doesn’t delete any calendars or content they may have created in your Divvy account. The system will search for any calendars or content items that this user owns and display drop-down selectors for each calendar.

If the team member created any calendars, they will be displayed in the “New Owner” column in the middle of this overlay. Select a new calendar owner from the drop-down menu.

If the team member owns any content items on these associated calendars, drop-down menus will be displayed for each calendar. Select a new content owner for those content items.

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