Calendar Organization Basics

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The Divvy Details

How you decide to organize your calendars is up to you. What makes the most sense for your situation? Are you a company with multiple content or social channels? Maybe having a calendar for each of these makes the most sense. Are you a corporation with multiple regions? Then you probably want to lean towards our Enterprise child/parent calendar scenario (more on that later).

Here’s a blog post that might help your thought process.

Before we go any further, let’s get you in the right area. To start creating and organizing calendars you will need to head to the nerve center of DivvyHQ, the Calendar Admin. Click on your name in the upper righthand corner of the platform, then select Calendar Admin.


Once in the Calendar Admin section, within the General Settings, you will see your current Calendar organization on the righthand side.

Adding Calendars - Child vs. Parent Calendars

There are two types of calendars in DivvyHQ, child calendars and parent calendars. Parent calendars are only available for Enterprise accounts, and can only be added by Global Admins. Child calendars are the basic organizational structure in the Divvy platform. Parent calendars function as an additional level of organization to group multiple child calendars. Below we describe how to add each.

Adding a Calendar (Either Type)

Calendars can be added two different ways. You can click the green ADD NEW button (which is a persistent button available throughout Divvy) and select Calendar, or go to the Calendar Admin and click the green Add New Calendar button.

Option 1:

Option 2:

Customizing Your Calendars

Now that you’ve added some calendars, DivvyHQ provides a wide variety of customization options that will allow you to tailor each calendar’s settings to properly manage its associated content. Head to the Calendar Admin section located in the drop down under your name in the upper right hand of the platform.

Once there, customization starts by selecting the calendar you want to configure via the drop down in the blue header bar.

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