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For organizations that regularly execute campaigns as part of their marketing and communications efforts, DivvyHQ provides a unique, time-saving option that allows campaign managers to duplicate past campaigns. This option is best suited for situations where an upcoming campaign is going to have very similar details and content items to a previous campaign.


A few common examples include:

  • Recurring event campaigns that you regularly attend, sponsor, or participate in
  • Product launch campaigns that have a similar (or identical) set of content assets that you will produce
  • Webinar campaigns that you regularly host and promote in a similar fashion each time
  • Story package campaigns where you produce a story and package/repurpose it in a variety of different formats each time

Over time, as you use DivvyHQ to build out and execute campaigns, you'll start opening up opportunities for more campaign duplication. Or if most of the campaigns you execute will look very similar right out of the gate, you can certainly start setting up campaign templates that can act as a starting point for future campaigns.

Divvy's Campaign Duplication function gives you two distinct options:
    1. You can duplicate just the campaign itself (the campaign container and it's primary     details).
    2. You can duplicate the campaign container AND all of it's associated content items.

Option 2 is the default. So if you don't want to carry over all the content of an existing campaign, you'll want to make sure to check that designated box (shown below) when going through the campaign duplication process

How to Duplicate a Campaign

To duplicate your campaign, you first need to access it either by single clicking to open the Campaign Slide-in, or double-clicking your campaign to open the Campaign Detail view.

Then simply click the duplicate icon to trigger the Duplicate Campaign pop-up modal (form).

duplicate a campaign

In the Duplicate Campaign modal (form), you can edit the applicable fields to differentiate the new, duplicated campaign.

Available fields:

  1. Campaign Name — you can leave it the same or change it here. 
  2. Campaign Type — you can leave it the same or change it here. 
  3. Start Dates   for your new campaign
  4. End Dates   for your new campaign
  5. The Copying-Content Checkbox — If you leave this box unchecked, all content items currently associated to the previous campaign will be duplicated over to the new campaign. If you check the box, the content items will not be duplicated. 

What gets duplicated?

When you initiate a campaign duplication, all campaign data from the original campaign will carry over to the new campaign. This includes all detail fields, attachments, campaign tasks (if applicable), calendar associations, and team member assignments.


If you've chosen to also duplicate the associated content items, each content item is duplicated, including all of the content items detail fields, content data, attachments, production tasks, and team member assignments.


The Campaign Duplication function can be a HUGE time saver for campaign and content managers who are regularly executing similar campaigns. We hope you find it helpful!

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