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The CI slide-in provides users with quick access to a content item's pertinent details, the ability to edit those details, as well as interact with associated comments, attachments, tasks, and series settings.


The Divvy Details

By single clicking on any content item on the Dashboard or Calendar Interface (soon to be available on other interfaces) you'll notice that a hidden right column expands, allowing you to preview the selected item's pertinent details. These details can be edited by clicking the blue Edit Details button at the bottom, which switches the entire column to edit mode. 

You can also delete a content item within this overlay by clicking the trash can icon located in the upper right corner. To duplicate a content item within this overlay, click the duplicate icon (see image below) located in the upper right corner as well. If you need to get the content item in front of a team member(s) quickly, click the copy URL to Clipboard option, and it will copy a link of the content item so you can send it to whomever for immediate review. By clicking the download option, you can download the content of the content tab to a .docx or PDF.

A user can transition to the content item's content editor screen from this overlay by clicking the blue Open in Sandbox link. If the content item hasn't been marked as published yet, and it contains a deadline date, they can also mark it as published by clicking the blue Mark as Published text. 


Content Item Slide-in Tabs > Details Tab

The Details Tab provides the majority of a content item's pertinent information, and when the Edit Details button is clicked, it also allows users to make changes to most of these fields, including assigning team members! 

The following fields are editable in the Content Item Slide-in Details Tab:

  • Content item's title             
  • Summary/description
  • Content type
  • Priority
  • Workflow
  • Content owner
  • Content Status
  • Public/Private
  • Published URL
  • Key Dates
  • Campaign
  • Target Audiences
  • Topics/Categories
  • Buyer Stages
  • Promotional Channels
  • Keywords
  • Hide From Shared Calendar

Once changes are made, press the green Save Changes button to save your edits. 

Note: If you've disabled content strategy on a particular calendar, that content strategy will not show as a readable or editable field within the CI slide-in. You can also order the content item slide-in tabs in any way you want by simply clicking and dragging a tab. Divvy will remember your preference that you've set within the content item slide-in moving forward.


Content Item Slide-in Tabs > Comments Tab

To interact with comments in our content item slide-in, just click the comments tab. This tab allows users to work within the slide-in and keep comments from other users top of mind, while they make edits... quickly! The small number to the right of the Comments Tab label indicates the current number of comments that have been associated to the content item.



The Comments Area allows users to:

  • View any comments associated to the content item
  • Add/edit/delete a comment
  • Reply to a comment 
  • @tag a specific user
  • @assigned all users assigned to the content item
  • Edit a reply or comment (by clicking its associated pencil icon)
  • Add a reaction emoji
  • Lightly format comments via the following methods:
    • Bold - wrap the text with **text** or select the text and use the shortcut Ctrl+b
    • Italics - wrap the text with //text// or select the text and use the shortcut Ctrl+i
    • Underline - wrap the text with __underline__ (two underscores on each side) or select the text and use the shortcut Ctrl+u
    • Numbered list - to start a numbered list use the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+7
    • Bulleted list - to start a bulleted list use the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+8

Content Item Slide-in Tabs > Attachments Tab

The Attachments Tab provides users the ability to add attachments and work with them, without having to open the item in the DivvyHQ Sandbox. You can add attachments via drag and drop, choosing a file, or attach via the cloud.

The small number to the right of the Attachments Tab label indicates the current number of files that have been attached to the content item. Clicking on this tab will also show a list of the current attachments, with any associated preview images (if available). Clicking on the More option on any of these attachments will open an overlay for that item, enabling users to:

  • Add an attachment title 
  • Add an attachment description
  • View the file size
  • View the file type
  • Download a single item
  • Download all attachments. 
Note: The Download All Attachments option will download all attachments in a ZIP file. All Google Drive attachment(s) are stored in a text file when using the download all option.

Content Item Slide-in Tabs > Tasks Tab

The Tasks Tab provides users a way to view details about task(s) associated to the content item without having to open the DivvyHQ Sandbox. The small number to the right of the Tasks Tab label indicates the current number of tasks that have been created for the content item.


The Tasks Tab provides the following details:

  • List of tasks
  • Task(s) name
  • Task(S) deadline
  • Task(S) owner
  • 'Mark as done' checkboxes
  • Edit task option (Triggers the Edit Task slide-in)
  • Mark All as Done (tasks)

Content Item Slide-in > Series Tab

True publishers already have placeholders plotted on their editorial calendars for future content. Whether it's a weekly blog series, or you participate in Throwback Thursdays, our Series tab will help you get any recurring content series set up quickly.


If you have any feedback or enhancements you'd like to see for the content item slide-in, please use the Feedback/Report a Bug button in the lower left of the DivvyHQ interface.

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