Why can't I see my content items on the calendar interface?

Modified on Tue, 18 Jun at 3:58 PM


If you're not seeing a specific content item, or any content items at all on the calendar interface, that usually means one of the following:

  1. There are no content items associated with the calendars to which you have access. Visibility of a certain calendar (and it's associated content) is governed by giving a team member access to said calendar. If you aren't seeing content on your calendar, you may not have been granted access to any current calendars, or the calendars to which you have access don't have any content items in the current month.

  2. Your content item doesn't have a deadline. Divvy places content items on the calendar interface based on the 'deadline' of the content item. If you are not seeing content on the calendar interface, you should click the blue Unscheduled Content Panel icon in the upper right-hand of the calendar interface. Here, both Planned content items (that don'e have deadlines) and Parked content items will be displayed, based on your calendar filters.

  3. Filter Settings - There are many filters available on the calendar interface and your current filter settings might be intentionally hiding certain content items. If something is missing, try clearing your filters by clicking the Clear Filters button, or selecting the Standard View.

  4. Content status = Parking Lot - If a content item is in the 'Parking Lot' status, then it will not show on the calendar interface. You can find parked content items by opening the aforementioned Unscheduled Content Panel, and selecting the Parked tab.

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