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Staying accountable to your team and on top of your content schedule can be tough, but Divvy delivers with a wide variety of automated notifications.



Notifications Overview

As you and your team members work in DivvyHQ, many actions will trigger notifications that are delivered via three different mechanisms, including:

  • Header Bar > Notifications ? dropdown (shown below)
  • Dashboard > Recent Activity module
  • Email notifications


Based on personal preferences, individual users can choose how and where they'd like to receive many of the available notifications, thus we provide a Notification Settings interface to set those preferences.

Note that there are some important, actionable notifications that all users will receive via the Alerts ? dropdown regardless of their settings.

Configure Your Notifications


The left-hand section of this interface lists all of the different events and actions that users may execute while working with content items, production tasks, and campaigns within DivvyHQ. Your job is to determine which of those events are important to you, and how you want to be notified of those events.

When checking boxes in the “Dashboard” column, you will receive notifications in the Recent Activity module on your Divvy dashboard.

When checking boxes in the “Email” column, email notifications will automatically be triggered when specific actions happen.

Pro Tip: As you read each notification option, ask yourself, “Will this help me stay on top of my team’s activities, or will it distract me and get in the way?” and then select accordingly.

Digest Email Reminders

The right-hand section of this interface provides a way for users to get a single digest email of specified reminders at a certain day and time of their choosing.

For example, you might want to get an email digest at 8 a.m. every weekday with all content deadlines and production tasks that you have due that day. Configuring these reminders will ensure you stay on top of your content schedule.

After selecting your desired notifications, don't forget to click the green UPDATE button in the upper right hand of the interface. If you wish to cancel your changes then click the cancel option to remove any changes.

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