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Despite DivvyHQ's focus on helping content teams stay on top of their campaigns and content deadlines, we also recognize that there are non-content-centric things that would be helpful to plot on your visual calendar. You know, things like:

  • Out-of-office reminders
  • Holidays
  • Important internal meetings or appreciation days
  • Events (that don't need content)
  • Your Birthday <--the important one

Divvy's Reminders feature was built to cover these scenarios, so here's a detailed guide on how to create and manage Reminders.


How to Create a Reminder

On the calendar interface, when you hover over a particular day, two options will be displayed in the top corners of the cell. To your left will be one of the many ways you can add a content item, via the +Content link. On the right, you'll see the +Reminder option. Click the +Reminder option to trigger the Add New Reminder overlay.

Add New Reminder Overlay

The Add New Reminder overlay provides you with the following editable fields and options:

  • Reminder Name - the display name that will be rendered on the calendar interface once the Reminder is created.
  • Description - the description allows you to give a high-level overview of the purpose of the Reminder
  • Start Date - the first day the Reminder will start on once created on the calendar interface.
  • End Date - the last day the Reminder will span to on the calendar interface (can be the same date as the Start Date)
  • Assignment - assigning team members will allow other users to edit the reminder. The visibility of the Reminder is still calendar-based, so this field is for editing purposes only. You can pair this field with the Make Public field if you need an extra level of granularity. 
  • Choose Calendar - If your reminder applies to a certain calendar, or calendars choose those from the dropdown. Note: Leaving this blank will make the Reminder be visible to ALL calendars.  
  • Make Public - by default, Reminders will be public to all users. Toggle this to make the Reminder private and only visible to you.
  • Color - pick the color that you want your Reminder to have on the calendar interface

The Add New Reminder overlay will automatically be populated with a Start Date and End Date based on the day you clicked the +Reminder link from.

Displaying Reminders on the Calendar Interface

To see the Reminder you just created, make sure you have the Reminder option selected in your Dates to Display dropdown.

With this option turned on, you will be able to see the Reminder you created as a spanning event with the Reminder icon to the left of the title.

Reminder Permissions

Only the owner or assigned team members of a Reminder may edit its settings after it's been generated. Others will see it as a spanning event on their Calendar Interface, unless the Reminder was set to Private. Private Reminders are only visible to the user who created it.

Users that are not the owner or assigned to the Reminder can still click on the spanning even to see a read-only view of the Reminder's details.


How to Delete a Reminder

Plans change and you may need to remove a reminder every now and then. If you are the owner of the Reminder or an assigned team member, do the following:

  1. Locate the reminder on the Calendar and single click it.
  2. Click the trash can icon in the top right corner.
  3. Confirm the deletion.

Important Note: Deleting a reminder is permanent and cannot be undone.

Now that you know how to create a Reminder, get to it!

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