Setting up "My Profile"

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This section will show you how to attach your mug to your profile, and the work you do in Divvy. If you need access to more than one account, then our Multi-Account Access feature is perfect for you.


Profile Photo

Setting up your personal Divvy profile is a breeze. To get to your My Profile page within Divvy, click on your name in the upper right-hand corner of the platform, then select My Profile.


This will take you to your My Profile section where you can tweak your General Settings, view your Calendar Access privileges, and adjust the recent activity and email notifications you receive from DivvyHQ.

Since profile photos (avatars) are used throughout the application, it’s a good idea to add a photo for yourself. Go to the General Settings tab and click Change Your Photo, if you haven't add a picture before, or Upload Photo if you want a fresh look. 

Ideal size is 200px x 200px

This will bring up an overlay asking you to Choose File. Choose the perfect picture that represents you and all your beauty, and open/upload.

Once the photo has been uploaded, a crop tool will allow you to click, drag and resize the image until you get it just right.

When you’re satisfied, hit SAVE.

Multi Account Access

Are you an agency or consultant that needs individual Divvy accounts for each client? Or are you a large corporate entity that requires an account for different regions and/or departments? Those are just a couple of examples of why we developed our multi-account access feature.

Getting Access to Multiple Accounts

If you are already a user of Account A, then you just need to be invited to Account B. The process of being invited/added to an additional account is just like adding a team member. From Account B, an admin or editor should just run through the process of adding a new team member and they will enter the same email address that you are using for Account A. You'll receive an activation email with a link, and when clicked, you'll now be an active user on both accounts.

There are currently no limits to the number of accounts to which you can have access!

Selecting Your Current Account

You may switch from any of your active account at anytime via the account list drop down menu. Click the current account name in the upper right hand of the platform, then click the name of the account to which you want to switch (see screen below).


Selecting Your Default Account

Which account would you like to see when you first login to DivvyHQ? Well that is completely up to you. Within the account list drop down menu, you will notice radio buttons next to each account. Selecting the radio button next to your desired default account will establish that preference and this will be the account that renders first when logging in. 


Will you be working in one account more than another for a week? No problem, just make that account your default. If things change the following week, just change your default account preference.

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