Delete a Team Member

Modified on Tue, 18 Jun at 3:03 PM

The Divvy Details

When the need arises to delete a team member from your account, it’s important that any calendars or content they own is reassigned to another user.

To delete a team member, either go to your Team Members management area (located in the top-right drop-down menu under your name and select Account Admin). When you hover over the team member’s row, you'll see a Delete Member link displayed on the far right. The system will ask you to confirm your user deletion.


You’ll then be presented with a conflict resolution form, which ensures that deleting a user doesn’t delete any calendars, content, or campaigns they may have created in your Divvy account. The system will search for any calendars, content items, tasks, or campaigns that this user owns and you will be presented with two options. Option one is to assign a single owner for everything that the user owns.

The second option is the "Choose assignment" link, which will display drop-down selectors for each calendar to divide up who will own the team member's content and tasks on a per-calendar basis. If the team member created any calendars, they will be displayed in the “New Owner” column in the middle of this overlay. Select a new calendar owner from the drop-down menu.

Then you will assign new ownership of any campaigns the team member owned. After that, click Save and you will see a Success banner. It may take a minute or two for the transfer of ownership to complete, depending on the amount of content the team member had owned. 

Final Note

Behind the scenes, deleting a team member is actually more of a "deactivation", considering that individual users have lots of other things connected to them. For example, if a team member leaves a comment on a content item, it wouldn't be right to remove that comment when a user is being deleted. That comment might be important as part of the history of that content project. So for these reasons, we deactivate the user so that much of their past activities will remain intact.

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