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This article provides an explanation of the various fields that are included in the Overview section of the DivvyHQ Sandbox.

The Divvy Details

The Overview section of the Details Tab tells you where this content item lives (calendar), what it is (content-type) and it's current state (content status). Fields in this section include:

  • Title/Headline/Subject - the primary title of the Content Item that is displayed throughout the application (dashboard, calendar, etc.)
  • Summary/Description - additional details to provide more context, which can be expanded to show more information while in read mode
  • Calendar – indicates with which editorial calendar the content item is associated. Use this drop-down to change the calendar if needed. Please note, you can not change the calendar of a content item in the Published status. If you are on the Enterprise plan you have an extra layer of detail within the calendar drop-down & you will be able to see the Parent calendars & the Child calendars associated with them.  
  • Content Type – This field allows you to designate the content item's type or format. You can also change the content type if needed. 
  • Status – This field denotes where the content item currently stands in Divvy's basic workflow. As the content item progresses, this field should be updated to communicate the change in status to other team members.
  • The Published URL field allows you to store the URL of the published content item, as well as open/view the webpage in a new tab by clicking the link while in view mode. This field can also be used to store a URL for a content draft housed on a third-party application (marketing automation platform, CMS, etc.).
  • Hide From Shared Calendar - When this option is selected, users who are not assigned to the content item, will not be able to view it anywhere in the application.

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