Content Request Form Creation - Step 2: Add Form Fields

Modified on Tue, 18 Jun at 6:20 PM

Step 2 of our form-creation wizard gets into the meat of the process, adding the fields you want included in your request form.

If you've never built or used any kind of content request form previously, then we'd advise putting some thought into the fields that you want to include. In many ways, these forms act like creative briefs, but they probably need to be simplified so as to not require details or questions that your requesters won't be able to answer.


It's often important to try to strike a balance between keeping the form simple, while giving you enough details about their idea/request that you can quickly determine whether or not the request is valid, good, and/or aligned with your strategy.

Divvy's content request form builder provides for a total of 15 fields that can populate a form. Two of those fields are included automatically AND required (request title and requester email), so you technically have 13 more fields you can add. All of the field names and placeholder text (a text-based prompt to give the user an example of how to complete the field) can be customized.

Field names have a max character limit of 60 characters. So keep your field names short/concise.

A Step-By-Step Guide

Field 1: Request Title (required) - Every request needs a title, but you might have a specific way in which you want requesters to fill this out. Adjust the field name and placeholder text accordingly. 

Field 2: Requester Email (required) - This is required due to our notification features (to keep requesters updated of the status of their request). It's also helpful for you to know who submitted the request. 

Fields 3-15: User Defined - The rest is up to you. Fields can be marked as required if needed. Note that we currently have 4 different types of fields that you can add:

  • Text fields - a single line of text
  • Text areas - multiple lines/paragraphs of text
  • Dropdown list - allow users to choose among a list of options
  • File upload - allow users to upload up to 4 files per file upload field for reference within the request

As you start adding a new field, you'll see that an "Add Another Field" link will appear underneath the last field. Just click that to add another field.

Content Request Form-Creation Wizard - Step 2

When you're satisfied with your set of fields, click Assign Administrators to move to Step 3.

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