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Have a filtered view you just dig!?! Great, you can save those filters with Divvy's Saved View feature.


The Divvy Details

Adding, creating and adjusting saved views is a snap with our Saved View feature. To get started adding the views that make your day to day simplified, start with Divvy's Standard View.

Standard View

Divvy's Standard View is an unfiltered (taste great!) calendar view, that shows you every calendar entry you have permission to see, minus any applied filters. You will notice while viewing the Standard View each filter label does not show an orange line under it. This signifies no filters are currently applied. The Standard View will be the view that is automatically loaded every time you visit the Calendar Interface - it's your jumping off point for creating new saved views.


Adding a Saved View

With the Standard View selected, start applying filters to help shape the ideal view you'll want to reference regularly. As you start applying filters you will notice an orange line appear under the filter label(s), signifying a filter(s) has been applied. Also, a green filter button will become available after you've selected your first filter option(s).


With your filters selected, hit the green Filter button to apply your selected filters. After hitting the green filter button, a Blue Add New View button will render.


Clicking the blue Add New View button will bring up the Add New View overlay. This overlay allows you to save your current filter settings and give it a relevant name. To do so, just input a name in the 'Name of View' field, and click the blue Add New View button.


Your recently Saved View will now be shown as your currently selected view, with all its corresponding filters applied!


Editing/Deleting a Saved View

Do you have a Saved View that needs a tweak to its name? Or its filters? No problem!

Select a saved view via the Saved View drop down. With your Saved View selected you will notice a pencil icon to the left of its name.


Click the pencil icon to bring up the Edit View overlay. Within the Edit View overlay you can update the name of the Saved View by editing the Name of View field, and then clicking the blue Save Changes button. You can also delete the selected Saved View by clicking the red Delete View option, which will then default you back to the Standard View.


Updating a Saved View

Do the filters for a certain Saved View need a few minor tweaks, so it renders the exact insight you need on the calendar? We got you, fam. Select the Saved View from the saved view drop down. With your Saved View selected, change the current filters, then click the green Filter button.


After clicking the green Filter button, two new options will present themselves to the right of the currently selected Saved View. Clicking Update View will apply your recent filter changes and apply them to your currently selected Saved View. Clicking Add New View will keep your currently selected Saved View in place and unchanged, but will allow you to create a new Saved View based off the tweaks to your currently selected Saved View.


Setting a Default Saved View

If you have a saved view that you want to load every time you return to the calendar interface, no problem. Set that saved view as your favorite (star it), and it will load by default whenever you hit the calendar interface.

Click the saved view drop down to expose your list of available views, then favorite (click the star icon) the view you want to load by default whenever you open the calendar interface.

Sharing Your Saved View 

If you've done all this great work and come up with awesome custom views, and now you'd like to share these views with your team members - just follow a couple of quick steps.  

  1. Click the dropdown of the available Saved Views, once you hover over the one you'd like to share - you will see a "share" button on the right side.  Just click that button and you will see a pop up of available team members.  Choose the person or the people you'd like to share this view with and click "Send". 
  2. Select the Team Members with whom you'd like to share this view.


Note: If you are a recipient of a Saved View, you will be notified via email that this has been shared with you. Click the link from your email and it will take you to your Divvy calendar with a pop-up offering you an option of just viewing the Custom View or if you'd like to save it for your own convenience.  

That's it! Add as many Saved Views as you need, set your default, and easily switch between them via the drop down. Whenever you want to see everything you can on your calendar, just remember you can always switch to the unfiltered Standard View.

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