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The DivvyHQ 3.0 dashboard brings a fresh look to a familiar layout with major improvements in visibility, efficiency, and usability. Continue reading for an overview of each widget and tips for getting the most out of the new interface.


The Divvy Details

DivvyHQ’s 3.0 Dashboard gives each user a dynamic snapshot of what's due, what's done and what’s happening right now within your Divvy account. We use the word "dynamic" because each user within an account will likely have a very different dashboard view, based on the content calendars and content projects that are associated to them at any given time. In other words, a Global Administrator's dashboard will encompass all current content projects on all calendars, whereas another team member may only see a few things that are specifically assigned to them.

Regardless of your role, the dashboard interface will display your dynamic data within six specific modules, including:

  • The Recent Activity Module - a chronological feed of actions/events completed by individual users (automatically refreshes every ~90 seconds)
  • The Content Items Due Module - a list of past-due content and upcoming content deadlines
  • The Published Content Module - a list of content items that have been completed (marked as published) in the last 30 days
  • The My Production Tasks Module - your personal task list.
  • My Active Tasks Module - your "next in line" tasks
  • Unscheduled Content Module - Planned and Parked content 
Note: You can have up to 5 Modules on your Dashboard and/or as few as just 1. 

Just click the "Modules" dropdown on the top right and choose the view you'd like. 

Setting Up Your Dashboard

Customizing Your Module Positions

After you work with your Divvy dashboard for a bit, you might start wishing you could rearrange your widgets to better match what is important to you. Well thankfully, you can do just that. Hover over any widget name to proc the grabbing hand icon, click and hold, then drag it over any other column to change its location.

Any module can swap position with another. Maybe you live your life in a task field void (smile, it's okay), so having it in the larger far left column gives you better insight into what needs to be done. Perhaps the Recent Activity Module just annoys you with notifications, no prob, shove that column to the lower right-hand corner, and ignore with glee.

Customizing Your Column Sections

Each section in the Published Content, Production Task, or the Content Item Due module can be customized as well. To do so, simply hover over a section's name, click and hold, then drag it up or down within the module.


Maybe today's tasks are more important to you than those that are past due (or maybe you just want to ignore them), just drag today's tasks to the top of the module, so they are front and center.

Day-to-Day Interactions

Interacting with Content Item Comments and Replies

For content items you're assigned to and have the proper Recent Activity feed notification(s) turned on, you can comment or reply to comments from the Recent Activity module.

Underneath a parent comment, click the option or for replies, click . Divvy will open its associated content item slide-in > comment panel and briefly highlight the comment in question, so you know exactly where to focus your comment or reply.

Commenting on Recent Activities/Events

In the event that a particular recent-activity event or action sparks the need for a conversation, DivvyHQ provides this capability within the Recent Activity module. Simply click the Reply button underneath each update and comment away!

Previewing Content Items

As with most interfaces throughout DivvyHQ, single-clicking a content item's title will open up a preview of the item, giving users a quick snapshot of the item's details and allowing the user to make some edits.

Opening Content Items in the DivvyHQ Sandbox

If a single click opens a preview, what does a double click do? Glad you asked! Double-clicking a content item will open the content item in the Divvy Sandbox, which houses all details, content, and attachments for the content item.


Previewing & Editing Tasks

In much the same fashion as above, single-clicking a task in the My Production Tasks module will trigger a task preview to slide in from the right. If you need to edit any of the task's details, click the blue Edit Details button in the lower right. To mark a task as done, you can either use the checkbox to the left of each task or preview a task and click "Mark As Done" in the lower left.

Filtering Your Dashboard Modules

Divvy's new 3.0 dashboard introduces a filtering capability for each dashboard module. In much the same way as users can adjust and save filtering preferences on Divvy's Calendar and Content interfaces, each dashboard module can be filtered by date range, calendar and team members. To adjust and filter the results of a specific dashboard module, click the gear icon in the upper right to trigger the widget's feed settings overlay.

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