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Need to collaborate with your team during the production of a content item? The Comments panel is ready to serve! Any user (even reviewers) can add comments or reply to comments right within this panel. Only admins, editors or the original creator of a comment can delete a comment thread. 


Commenting 101

Adding a general comment within the comments panel will notify all team members that are assigned to the content item.

Each user has the ability to adjust their notification preferences within their My Profile area, so you might want to make sure that your team enables this particular notification (email notification when a comment is added).


Comments can be Edited or Deleted by the original comment author or a global admin.

Basic comment formatting within the comments panel of the sandbox, and the content item slide-in. This allows you to structure your comments in a fashion that makes it more digestible for you and your team members.

Lightly format comments via the following methods:

  • Bold - wrap the text with **text** or select the text and use the shortcut Ctrl+b
  • Italics - wrap the text with __text__ or select the text and use the shortcut Ctrl+i
  • Numbered list - to start a numbered list use the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+7
  • Bulleted list - to start a bulleted list use the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+8


Replying to a comment allows users to continue the chain of a conversation directly related to a parent comment. To help keep clutter to a minimum, when more than three replies have been added to a parent comment, Divvy will collapse the reply panel except for the most recent reply. This panel can be collapsed and expanded. 

Emoji reactions can be added to individual comments for quick feedback.

@tagging within the comments panel will send a direct 'ping' to the individual you tagged via the @ symbol. Input the @ symbol and a list of possible team members to tag will become available.  You can tag one or multiple users.


@assigned tagging within the comments panel will send a direct 'ping' to all team members assigned to the content item. Input the @ symbol and look for the @assigned option.

Comment Drafts

Divvy's comments panel includes a mechanism that saves your comments as you type, behind the scenes. So if you happen to get sidetracked mid-comment and venture off to another area of Divvy, you don't need to worry about losing your place, or retyping your feedback.


divvyhq comment draft

If/when this happens, just head back to the content item and you'll see a clickable reminder of your unsaved comment. Click it and get back to commenting!

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