Analytics FAQs

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General Questions


Q: How do I access my analytics dashboard(s)?

A: If you've already been invited to at least one dashboard, you can access it by either using this link (might want to bookmark that) or by clicking the Analytics link within the core Divvy platform (main nav).

If you haven't been invited to access your analytics, or you don't know if you have, try clicking the Analytics link in the main navigation of Divvy. If a video pop-up is displayed, then you haven't been given access to analytics yet. Please talk to your DivvyHQ admin to request access, or submit a support ticket and we'll get things sorted.


Q: Why do I have to have a separate login to see my dashboard(s)?

A: DivvyHQ Analytics is built as a separate module so that other colleagues outside of your content team (ex: your exec team) can view your analytics dashboards and not require a normal Divvy user license. But security is still important, thus a separate login is required.


Q: I forgot my password. Can I reset it?

A: Of course! Just look for the "Forgot Password" link on the login screen (under the form). You'll be asked to input your email address and a password reset link will be emailed to you.


Q: I tried to reset my password, but never received the email. What now?

A: Sometimes these reset emails can get caught in spam filters, so it's probably easiest to just reach out to Divvy support and we can initiate a password reset manually.  Feel free to submit a support ticket, email us, or start a support chat on our website. 


Q: Can I download, share or give other people access to my dashboard(s)?

A: Yes! There are a few options for sharing your dashboards depending on your desired use case.

If you just want to download a PDF of your dashboard to share with others (ex: via email), just click the MORE icon (three dots) in the upper right corner of your dashboard and select "Generate PDF". You'll then receive the PDF via email and you can save it or forward it on.


To give others more permanent access to your dashboards, Divvy staff can produce a sharable URL for each dashboard that you can share (doesn't require a login), or we can invite other users to access your dashboard(s), which will require them to set up a login. All we need is the person's name, email address, and a list of the dashboards to which you want them to have access.


Q: Can I adjust the date range on my dashboard?

A: Due to the nature of how individual charts, graphs and data tables are built on our dashboards, it isn't always possible to adjust date ranges in the same way that you might be used to with a platform like Google Analytics. We're pulling different types of data from many different platforms, and in some cases, we might not even have date-based data included in a chart. 

That said, we do have a date range filter available in the top right of all dashboards and when it is used, any chart, graph or data table that can be filtered will be filtered down to your desired date range.


Q: Can I filter or drill down into an individual chart/graph?

A: Yes, but there are caveats. To see what filtering or drill-down options you have available on a chart, start by expanding your desired chart. You can do this by clicking the "Expanded View" icon (diagonal arrows) in the upper right corner of your chart/graph.

From the expanded view, any available filtering options will be in the left column, including:

  • Viewing historical snapshots of the data
  • Changing the chart type
  • Adjusting date ranges
  • Filtering by specific data fields

If there is a specific filtering scenario that you'd like to see, but aren't able to based on what's currently available to you, please submit a support ticket with the details and we'll work with you to get you what you need.


Q: Can I have a dashboard (report) emailed to me or one of my colleagues?

A: YES! Divvy staff can configure dashboards (PDFs) to be emailed to you or whomever you wish on any specific frequency. Please submit a support ticket with the following details:

  • Which dashboard(s) do you want to send?
  • To whom? (name and email address)
  • How often? (preferred day and time)


Q: How often is the data refreshed on my dashboard(s)?

A: Technically speaking, we can configure data to be refreshed as often as every 5 minutes, but in most cases, the default is once every 24 hours. Should you desire to have your data refreshed more frequently, just make sure to mention that when we are implementing your dashboards.


Troubleshooting Questions

Q: The data on my dashboard looks like it is out of date. What should I do?

A: When you open a dashboard, our system immediately starts retrieving the latest data and refreshing each chart, graph and table on your dashboard. In some cases, this process can take a minute. You can see this loading process happening by noticing the thin blue loading bar at the top of each chart. 

If the loading process doesn't seem to be happening, or you notice that a particular chart doesn't have the latest data, head up to the top right of your dashboard and click the MORE icon (three dots). Then select "REFRESH". This will force a refresh of all metrics on your dashboard.


Q: It looks like there is something wrong with one or more of the charts/graphs on my dashboard. What should I do?

A: If one or more of your metrics isn't updating, or you notice a WARNING! icon in the lower left corner of a metric, this typically means there is an issue with the data or API connection behind the scenes. Please submit a support ticket with the following details so we can troubleshoot:

  • The dashboard name
  • The name of the chart/graph/table that is having an issue


Subscription/Billing Questions

Q: Can I still get DivvyHQ Analytics if I'm not on an Enterprise Plan?

A: DivvyHQ Analytics dashboards are not available for Starter plan customers, but dashboards can be added (à la carte) to annual Pro plan contracts for $150/m per dashboard.


Q: Can I add more dashboards to an existing contract if/when needed?

A: Of course! Just reach out to your DivvyHQ customer success representative or email us at support [at] and we will work through the details with you. 


Q: Can I get DivvyHQ Analytics without a subscription to the main Divvy platform?

A: No. Our analytics module is only available as a value-added service for Divvy platform customers. 

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