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Adding a Child Calendar (Lite or Pro)

Once you click the Add New Calendar button, an overlay will appear. Give your calendar a name and click Add Calendar. You’re done! You can now go to your Calendar Admin and start customizing your new calendar.

Adding a Parent Calendar (Enterprise Only)

If you are a Global Admin on an enterprise accounts, when you click the Add New Calendar button, an overlay will appear. Give your calendar a name and select the Parent option. Then click the Add Calendar button.

Adding a Child Calendar in an Enterprise Account

You’ll follow the same process to add a parent calendar, but you’ll select Child in the overlay/form. You’ll also be prompted to specify to which parent calendar this child calendar belongs.

Inviting Team Members & Reviewers

There are three ways you can add team members to your Divvy account.

  1. You can use the persistent +ADD NEW drop down in the top right and select Team Member
  2. You can go to the Team Members section located in your Profile menu (top right).
  3. Or you can go to the Calendar Admin > Team Members tab.  

Once there, click the orange Add Team Member button to display the Add Team Member invitation form. Fill in at least the required fields (First Name, Last Name, Email Address) and then click the green Add Team Member button. If you would like the team member to utilize a Reviewer-only user seat, then select this option before clicking the Add Team Member button.

After you’ve clicked Add Team Member you will be presented with a screen that allows you to select the newly added team member’s role on a per calendar basis. If you selected the Reviewer-only option on the previous form, then you will only be able to give the new user Internal Reviewer or External Reviewer roles on each calendar. Parent calendar options are available on Enterprise accounts only.  

The Add New Content Overlay

Ready to start adding content? Great! Click the green +ADD NEW button in the top right and select Content Item.

Within the Add New Content form, give your content item a title and a description (optional) that summarizes the item. Then select a calendar, a content type, an associated campaign (optional), Status, and the owner who will be responsible for this item. These values can be changed later if you’re not sure about these details.

Adding Additional Team Members

After selecting a calendar and a content item owner, the option to add additional team members to the content item will become available. With this feature you can assign multiple team members to a content item before the content item even gets generated!

Adding Content Strategy (optional)

Once you select a calendar in the add new overlay you may also select rather you want to apply any content strategy associated to that calendar by selecting the Add Content Strategy box within the overlay. Selecting this option will expand the overlay, allowing you to select content strategy without having to enter the content item's Sandbox interface.

Note: To cut down on campaign clutter, the campaign drop down will only show campaigns associated to the selected calendar that are currently active or ran within the last 6 months. To add a campaign to a content item that falls outside of these parameters, add the content item and then associated it via the sandbox interface.


From here, you have a few options for saving the content item.

  1. Clicking “Save” will save the content item with a Planned status, so you will be able to locate the item later in the Planned view of the Content interface.
  2. Clicking “Park It” will save this content item in DivvyHQ’s Parking Lot, the storage area for content ideas. You can go to the Ideas area to locate this item later.
  3. Clicking “Save and View” will open up the newly created content item's content item slide-in, in View mode.  Note: if you are adding a new content item while you are in your Sandbox interface, clicking "Save & View" will open the content item in the Sandbox. 
  4. Clicking "Save and Add" will save the content item you just entered, and prompt another "add new content" window to automatically pop up.  Great for creating multiple content items at one time. 

You also have the option to "Hide" this specific content item from the shared calendar, selecting this option hides the content item from anyone who is not the owner or assigned to the content item.

Note: If you want to go directly to the Sandbox after creating a content item then toggle this option to on within My Profile > General Settings > Edit Profile > Save and View Opens Sandbox (see below).

Add a New Campaign Form

To create a new campaign, click the Add New button in the upper right, and click Campaign.

Type in your campaign a name and then select its associated calendars. If you have an Enterprise account you can select all the child calendars under a parent by clicking the parent calendar name. Since certain team members and content types are attached to specific calendars, this calendar selection ensures only those people will be able to see and manage content for this campaign.

Next, select a campaign type. Three campaign types are available, including:

  • Regular Campaign - promotions, discount offers, product launch, etc.
  • Event - a physical event, tradeshow or webinar
  • Content Theme - a certain time period where you’ll focus on a specific topic

Lastly, select the campaign’s start date and end date. When you’re satisfied with these details, click SAVE. Your new campaign will now be visible as a spanning event on your DivvyHQ calendar, and available in Divvy’s new Campaigns dashboard.

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