What is the maximum file size/limit for an attachment?

Modified on Tue, 18 Jun at 4:54 PM

Short Answer:

When uploading an attachment from your computer/device, there is a 200mb size limit per file. There is no limitation on the number of files that can be stored within a content item. 

Longer Answer:

Attaching files to content items in Divvy can be achieved in multiple ways, including:

  1. Uploading directly from your computer/device
  2. Attaching from a cloud file storage platform (ex: Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.)
  3. Attaching from Canto (a digital asset management partner of Divvy). 

We mention these options because our 200 mb file size limitation is only relevant to #1, uploading directly to Divvy from your computer. 

Options 2 & 3 DO NOT have file size limitations because we are not (technically) uploading the file to Divvy's servers. In those cases, we are really only "linking" to the file, which is still being stored via those cloud-based platforms. In other words, we're attaching the shared URL to the Divvy content item. Clicking the file will take you directly to the file in the associated cloud platform.

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