CHILI Live Preflight Adobe Extension

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We are going to look at the CHILI Live Preflight extension in Adobe InDesign.

This is one of four extensions that we have for CHILI Publish within InDesign, and this one focuses on showing possible issues that could pop up within the conversion process between InDesign and the CHILI BackOffice.

To access the extension, you would go to Windows > Extension.

I already have mine pinned to my right panel.

I have added some Easter eggs into this document, so when I hit the preflight document button, we will have some items appear for us. 

Starting from the left side first, there are two types of messages you could get. You could get a warning or an error.

Warnings are items that you don't necessarily need to fix. It's just an awareness of a potential issue. CHILI does not support all features that InDesign has and vice versa.

These items could pull in fine but, as an awareness, CHILI is flagging it for you just in case you want to take action.

Then we have our errors. These are items that you must fix or the item will not upload to the Editor.

If you click on the line item, you'll get more details on what the actual issue is and the remedy to fix that issue. You'll also get a short description in the middle panel location of where the issue is. 

Just to make things even a little bit easier, we have two options here on the actions panel. The little play button brings you to the issue and the little wrench will propose a possible fix.

You'll notice that the wrench wasn't on all of these items. That's because there's not always something that the plugin will fix for you but it will at least flag it.

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