CHILI Converter Adobe Extension

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There are four CHILI Publish Adobe extensions for InDesign.

We are going to look at the CHILI Converter 4 extension, which is the extension that is necessary to convert InDesign files into the CHILI Back Office.

This extension is also available for Illustrator and functions very similar to the InDesign extension that we are going to look at right now.

I am in InDesign. To access the extension, I would go to Window > Extension and then select the extension.

I already have mine pinned to the right side of my panel.

When you open the converter extension, you'll notice that there are four sections. Only three of these sections are necessary to export your file to CHILI. 

The first being Server. This is your login details. We need to have InDesign and the CHILI Back Office speak to each other, so you need to log in first.

Second is your Import Settings. Where are your items going to live in CHILI

The extension is going to upload your documents, your images, and your fonts to the CHILI Back Office, similar to packaging your InDesign file.

In this section of the extension, you can decide where those files should live by selecting the browse option and then selecting the appropriate folder.

These are pulling from the Back Office and are folders that are already living inside of there. It functions very similar to a folder structure on a server.

You also have some document options. Deciding if you want to include hidden layers or having a document preview.

Then finally, we get to the Export to Chili Publisher section. This is just telling you your source file and then it does allow you to decide if you want to include any locked layers from your InDesign document.

Once you hit go, that conversion process will happen and your file will now live in the CHILI Publish Back Office.

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