The Stakeholder Experience

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Let's look at what the end user experience will be when using a Tempo Smart Template.

I am currently in the Lytho DAM. I'm going to click into the Tempo module, and this is the beautiful flyer that I've decided that I need.

Let's go ahead and self-serve and create a Publication.

You'll notice immediately that there is a left side panel that appears. This is home to some of the logic that our template creators have decided that I have the privilege to update.

Let's go ahead and update the headline. You'll notice as soon as I click off the text box that my flyer updates in real time, so I can actively see what changes are being made if I were to change the image.

This is the selection of assets that the template creator decided that I can choose from, and I'm very happy with that selection. This one looks really happy. I'm going to select her again. I can see the changes I'm making as I go.

In the top right corner. We've got a QR code and a Barcode, so I need my QR code to go to the Lytho website. As I click off, you'll see the QR code update. There we go. And then same with the barcode. When I click off, it updates for me.

I'm in a great place, but I'm not quite done personalizing this flyer for myself. I'm going to enter the Full Screen Editor.

You'll see as I hover over this sub headline that the box appears green and red for me. That means I have the full capabilities to edit it in-line. Let's say yellow is my favorite color. Beautiful.

It's looking good, but I just need a few more tweaks to make it my own. I need to add another image. This is a partnership flyer, so I'm going to add in the partner's logo next to the Lytho logo. There we go.

I would say that is good enough. And, and then I also want to add in some text and I can do that in-line as well. I need to say who this flyer was written by. It was written by X, Y, Z. And I want to move it under this lovely quote that I wrote, and I'm going to make sure that it's in bold. I have full capabilities to move this text box around since I added it in-line, as well as the new logo.

This is just a taste of what you can do as an end user within Tempo. All of this is set up on permission so you can expand and retract permission, should you need to.

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