How to Edit or Delete a Recurring Content Series

Modified on Tue, 18 Jun at 6:02 PM

In some cases, content teams are managing content initiatives that recur on a consistent basis (ex: a weekly newsletter). To make the management process as easy and efficient as possible, Divvy provides a Series feature that allows you to turn a single content item into a recurring series.


The video above certainly gives you most of what you need to create a recurring series, but how do you edit the details of an existing series? Or what if you want to delete a recurring series altogether? Here are a few animations to walk you through it.

Edit a Series

From the Series tab in the Sandbox, click Edit Settings, make the necessary adjustments, and then save your changes.


Delete a Series

To delete a series or stop production on an existing series, you have a few more options. Start by opening up the Series tab and switching the "Make This Content a Recurring Series" toggle to OFF.

You'll then see a pop-up with several options.

Selecting "All items in series" will delete ALL items in the series, even those you have previously published. So PLEASE BE CAREFUL with this option. We do not have a recycling bin.


If you choose the first option - "This and following unpublished items in series" - Any existing, published items in the series will be saved and only the content item you are currently viewing and future, unpublished content items will be deleted. This option is best used when you have decided not to continue to produce the series, but you still want to keep past content items.

The "All unpublished items in series" will be very similar.

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