Sync Your DivvyHQ Calendar to MS Outlook

Modified on Tue, 18 Jun at 3:09 PM

Have you ever wanted to sync your DivvyHQ content and task deadlines to your Outlook calendar? If you are on an Enterprise or Pro account, now you can! Below is a step-by-step guide to setup the integration.


Outlook Sync Details 

If you are currently managing your entire day through your Outlook calendar, you will be relieved to know that you can sync your DivvyHQ content deadlines and tasks to ensure you never miss a deadline!  Setting it up only takes a few minutes and the outcome is pretty impactful.

Since this connection relies on a third party (Microsoft in this case), these instructions may not be 100% accurate due to changes that the third party may make to their interface or functionality. If Microsoft has made a change and you find that our instructions or screenshots are no longer valid, we'd very much appreciate a heads up! Please leave us a comment and we'll get the article updated.

Also note that in Outlook Calendar, you have the option to "import" a calendar by uploading an .ics file, or "subscribe" to an .ics file URL. Importing a calendar is best used with events or dates that won't really change much. Since content and task deadlines tend to shift frequently, we recommend using the subscribe-from-URL option (which we've outlined below) that will provide daily updates of any deadline changes.

Set-up Guide

Step 1: Go into your My Profile interface by clicking your on your name/photo on the top right corner of Divvy and selecting My Profile. 

Step 2: Scroll down to the Calendar Sync section. From here you have two options with regard to which types of deadlines will be included in your Outlook sync. You can choose to include tasks and/or content Item deadlines. Whichever option you choose, those deadlines will now be included in the data feed that Outlook will receive. 

Quick note: If you don't select one of the options, your calendar sync will not include any data.

Step 3: With your desired date types selected, copy the URL to your clipboard.

Step 4: Sign in to your Outlook on the web and go to your Calendar.  In the upper right, click the +Add button and then select "From Internet". 

Step 5: Paste the DivvyHQ link that you've copied earlier into the field and complete the process. For a step-by-step video on this process, Microsoft has a video that may help.




That's it! You've added your Divvy content deadlines and/or task deadlines to your Outlook calendar!  

Remove Your DivvyHQ Calendar from Outlook Calendar

To delete your Divvy content and task deadlines from your Outlook calendar, simply go to your calendar and in the Folder Pane, right-click the name of the calendar that you want to delete.  Click Delete, and confirm the deletion by selecting Yes. 

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