Release Notes - June 2020

Modified on Fri, 21 Jun at 10:25 AM

Filter reset option

The filters in the asset manager have been extended with the option to select 'all' options in a category. This will make it much easier to change your selection. E.g. you select the first 3 of the 10 options in the file extension filter menu. With the 'all' option you can reset the filter and quickly set another filter.

UI improvement for the shared asset page

  • The design, in general, has been upgraded.
  • The ability to navigate through pages of a multiple page document has been added
  • The ability to view assets in an enlarged pop-up has been added. It also functions as a video player for video files.

Video metadata (duration) notation

The metadata of the video is being displayed in [hh:mm:ss] from now instead of seconds only. Instead of 90 seconds, it will be 00:01:30 from now on.

Several technical improvements for Single Sign-On

Ask your account manager how we can facilitate your SSO-needs.

Fix for the auto-apply permissions setting

In some cases, it wasn't possible anymore to check the 'auto-apply permissions' in the user group management. This issue is fixed and from now on the administrators should be able again to make sure permissions are automatically being applied when a user uploads a new asset or when the status of a publication is being set to public.

Asset navigation arrows

After deleting an asset, the navigation arrows in the asset detail view could break in some cases. When opening an asset in the detail view, it's possible to navigate properly again to the next or the previous asset with the navigation arrows.

Asset manager plugin progress spinner

The asset manager plugin didn't show a spinner anymore when downloading an asset in InDesign or Photoshop. This issue has been resolved in this release so you will be shown a spinner again when downloading an asset.

Copied template element no longer dependent

When a template is being created in InDesign, copied image frames are no longer dependent on it's original. The dependency was resulting in unwanted behavior when refreshing a publication. From now on, the original and it's copy both are unique and won't affect the other element.

Improvements template builder

Visibility of connected elements

  • The template builder plugin for InDesign recognizes which elements are connected to the Lytho template fields. Previously you had to go through the created template fields one by one to check whether they were connected to any of the InDesign elements. With this improvement, the plugin will add a text or image icon to each template field which is connected to any of the InDesign elements.

Template overview

  • We have reduced the font size to improve the readability of the template listview in the template builder.

Document recognition

  • If you have multiple documents open, within InDesign, the template builder had no knowledge of which template is currently open. Now the template builder recognizes which document is open. 

Element recognition when creating publications

In the publication creation process, Lytho is able to detect which element (in the preview on the right-hand side) is connected to the input field you're selecting (on the left-hand side). With our latest update, Lytho is now able to detect elements on pages other than the one you're looking at. Selecting an input field which is connected to an element on another page, will make the preview change to that exact page.

Processing high-resolution uploads & downloads

The processing of high-resolution assets has been improved. Lytho is now capable of uploading and downloading assets of the best quality and the highest resolution.

Publishing brand guides

When publishing a newly added, or edited brand guide, the process could break and show the user an error. With this release, the publishing process has been made much more stable and the failures are history.

Asset manager plugin support large files

In Lytho we support all kinds of assets from a wide variety of sizes. The larger files (>50mb) weren't supported yet in the asset manager plugin for Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator. With this update, designers can open assets larger than 50mb with the asset manager plugin.

Remove publish & visibility date in single asset detail view

When authorized to do so, you can now remove the publish and visibility date in the single asset detail view. Before, this was only possible with the action bar in the multiple asset view.

Filter on expired publish or visibility date

Two new filter options have been added to the planning-filter:

  • view only invisible assets
  • view only unavailable assets

These options make it possible to check if any assets are currently invisible or blocked for usage at the moment.

Changed default text to placeholders in brand guides

When creating a brand guide, users had to remove default text in the title input field and when creating a new text block, before they could fill in their own. Both the title input field and the text block have been made more user friendly by changing the default text into a placeholder so the default text no longer has to be removed before typing your own title or text.

The percentage is shown when uploading assets

When uploading (multiple) assets, a progress bar is shown to inform the user of the upload status of the asset(s). To provide the user even more information about the progress, a real-time percentage has been added to the progress bar.

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