Creating an Image Variable

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I want my end users to be able to switch out an image within my Tempo template. That means I need to add an image variable to my CHILI document.

To do that, I would navigate to the Variable Data tab and select the plus sign to add a new variable.

You can see that it's already in my new list, so let's hit edit and get this set up properly.

First, I'm going to rename it. If I had multiple images within this document, I would want to be a little bit more specific.

Then, I need to make sure my variable type is correct. In this instance, I want an image variable type.

Then, I need to make sure that CHILI understands where the source of these images is coming from. So in our instance, you're going to want to, to hook this up to your Lytho DAM. To do that under the Source you would select Dynamic Asset Provider. This means that your end users are going to be able to select from the assets within your Lytho DAM.

Once we get into Tempo, you will be able to put parameters around what assets they can select from and make sure that you're giving them that personalized experience.

But for now, all you need to do is make sure that it's speaking with the Lytho DAM.

My variable is now set up, so I'm going to hit close.

And now all I need to do is apply that variable. In this example, I want this circle frame to be my image. You'll notice when I selected the frame, I have two ways to apply this variable. I am on the Image Variable, so you can see that I can either select that here or I also could select it down here, Attach Image Variable. Both options are going to get you the same thing.

And I now have an image variable set up.

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