Creating Brand Guides

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Getting Started 

Within the Brand Center click Create New to the right of the search bar to begin creating a new brand guide. 

Create a name for your brand guide and click the image area to upload a cover picture. You'll have the option to upload directly from your asset manager or from your local files. 

Recommended cover image dimensions: 400 x 235 max

Click the TAGS tab to add tags that will enable your Users to easily search for and find your brand guide. 

Click the PERMISSIONS tab to add permissions to your brand guide. This is not required to create your guide and can be added at any time. Click Add when complete. 

Click the edit icon in the bottom right corner of your header to update the header image, background color, and text. 

Recommended header image dimensions: 1900 x 300

Content Pages

Pages in brand guides give you the ability to organize blocks of content and will appear as headers for your blocks. Click the left most plus icon at the bottom of your editor to create a new page. 

Use the icons above your page to hide from view mode, edit the name, and delete. 

Content Blocks

Blocks are what build out the content within brand guides. within a Page, click a plus icon to create a new block.

Choose from the available block options: 

Add downloadable content to your block by clicking the attachments icon to the right and selecting Add attachment to uploading a file. 

Hover over the area just below attachments to reveal editor options. Some of these options will vary based on the block option chosen.

Side Menu

Page and block titles will appear on the left side of your brand guide. When published, this serves as a menu for your viewers to quickly locate specific sections of the brand guide.


Click the edit icon at the top of a page to edit the name that will appear in the side menu. 

Within a content block, click the edit icon to the right on the block to edit the name that appears. 

There may be block and page titles that you don't want visible to your users in the side menu. Hover over the appropriate title in your side menu and click the eye icon to hide or unhide. This only hides the title and the content will still be viewable. 

From the side menu content blocks can be re-ordered within pages and pages can be re-ordered. Hover over the left side of a block or page title and use drag and drop functionality to re-order. 


Once your brand guide is ready to be viewed by your users, select Publish in the upper right corner. 

Add a description of what work has been completed. Lytho DAM keeps a history log of of each time a brand guide is published and the description, making it easier to keep track of what work has been done and revert back to previous versions if needed. Select Publish when complete. 

Editing Brand Guides

At any time you have the ability to edit a brand guide. Navigate to the appropriate brand guide and click the edit icon in the center of your page, just below the banner image. Any changes you make will be automatically saved in edit mode. Select Publish to publish your changes in view mode. Be sure to add a description that can be easily referenced as this will appear in the Brand Guide History. 

Within Edit Mode, click the settings icon to edit the brand guide Name, Cover image, and Permissions. 

Brand Guide History

Within edit mode, Lytho DAM allows you to access a history of changes made to a brand guide. Select the clock icon in the upper right corner to access the brand guide history. 

You'll be able to view the publish date and time and the description provided by the editor. Click Restore to un-do the edits made in a specific session. Publish your brand guide to save and changes made in view mode. 

When restoring to a previous save, any changes made since that save will be permanently removed.

Duplicating Brand Guides 

Brand Guides can be duplicated to help cut down on work when creating similar guides. From the brand center page, click the actions menu in the bottom right corner of the appropriate brand guide and select Duplicate

You can also duplicate when viewing a brand guide by clicking the duplicate icon in the upper right corner. 

Update the Name, Cover image, and permissions if necessary and select Copy. Your newly created brand guide will be found in the Brand Center in a draft state. 

Deleting Brand Guides 

Brand Guides can be deleted within the Edit Mode. Click the trash icon in the upper right corner and select Delete to confirm. 

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