Variant, Version, and Related Assets

Modified on Thu, 20 Jun at 2:00 PM

Managing creative content isn't always simple. Ideas evolve. Connections develop. Let your DAM be as dynamic as you are. Organize iterations and related material through variants, versions, and related assets!



Variant files live underneath a "parent" file and slightly differ from the main asset. These variants might be different in color profiles, color modes, resolutions, or photo angles. By placing all of these variant files in one place, you free up your Asset Library from bloat and create a process where variants are only available through the original asset.

From the All Details menu, under the GENERAL tab, add your variant assets by selecting the Add Variants button. These assets can then be downloaded by any users who have access to this asset by navigating to this same space.

You can also download variants by selecting the cloud (Download) icon and selecting Variants


Whether you're working with active files or updating final deliverables, versioning a file lets you manage the different life stages of your asset over time. From the All Details menu, under the MANAGE tab, use the Upload version button to add additional versions and version notes to this asset.

Once additional versions have been added to this asset, you can delete, download, compare, and designate the active version using the View versions button.

Note: Embedded links point to the active version of the asset.

Related Assets

Help your users find similar images by linking them. This is especially helpful for assets that are related but may not share tags or metadata (such as a custom field). An example of this would be images from the same photoshoot.

Within the All Details menu, below the asset preview, select Add related asset to pull up the asset select menu. Using the search and filter tools, select the assets that you want to relate and press Select.

The selected assets will now appear as thumbnails underneath the asset preview and will act as quick links that users can use to jump between assets quickly.

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