What are embedded links used for?

Embedded links are used for displaying Lytho assets on your CMS or HTML webpage without having to download the asset from Lytho and reuploading it to your webpage.

Using Lytho assets within your CMS or HTML pages can be done with the embedded links feature in the Lytho asset manager. The big advantages of this are that you keep one single source of truth within Lytho and that you no longer have to download and reupload the assets to your CSM or HTML project.

The embedded link will retrieve the current version of the asset from your Lytho asset manager at all times. Keep in mind that assets may be blocked for download or restricted with a publish date which will affect the embedded asset outside of Lytho. 

e.g. When an asset is past its' publish date, it won't be visible anymore on all the places the embedded link is used to display the asset.