What is the Lytho waiting room?

The module that starts a workflow when uploading assets to Lytho, so the authorized users can approve or decline the content.

Uploading assets

When uploading assets to the asset manager, or directly to the waiting room, you will be asked to apply tags and permissions. Adding tags and permissions in this stage is highly recommended because assets with tags will be easier to find in the asset manager and assets without permissions will be accessible for all users.

Also configurable in the waiting room:
Visibility & publish date, description, quitclaim, etc.

Once you're done with uploading and adding tags, permissions, etc. you can select one or more assets that you can send in for approval. This will start the workflow for your assets to be approved. The assets will be moved to the next status 'Pending approval' (depending on your role), and an authorized user will receive a task for reviewing the newly uploaded assets. 

Users with permission to approve uploaded assets will have a slightly different view in their waiting room than users without this permission. These authorized users have the option to view the 'Approval requested' tab. The uploaded assets, pending approval, are listed here and can be edited, approved, or declined.

What happens when declining an asset?

When declining an asset, the reviewing user will be asked to write a message for the uploader to substantiate why this asset will be declined. Short notes like 'a minimum resolution of x is required', 'please upload the original version', or 'you forgot to add tags' can be typed to give the uploader an explanation.

Declined assets won't be deleted. The uploader will receive a notification with a message and the assets will stay in the waiting room. If the reviewing user has added a message an icon will appear on the asset. Hover with your cursor over the chat_bubble_outline-24px to read the message.

However, the uploader still has the option to resubmit the asset for approval.

What happens when approving an asset?

An approved asset is directly being added to the asset manager. The uploading user will be notified that the asset has been approved. Depending on the publish date, visibility date, and permissions, the asset will be visible in the asset manager and ready to use.

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