What is the Lytho template builder extension?

The Lytho template builder plugin is an Adobe InDesign extension which makes it possible to easily set up templates with dynamic input fields and make them available to your users via Lytho.

The Lytho plugin for Adobe InDesign is necessary to set up your Lytho templates. The creative template manager can link several image frames and text fields with the plugin to make these editable for the user in Lytho. After linking the desired fields, the template can be uploaded to your Lytho environment via the plugin.

In Lytho's template management you can set the final settings, like output type and job options, before making the template available for the Lytho users.

To use the Lytho plugin, you need an Adobe Creative Cloud license. You can download the plugin via the Adobe Exchange.

How to prepare a template before uploading it to Lytho?