What is the Lytho dashboard?

The dashboard is an overview of your Lytho statistics

The Lytho dashboard can be found at the top bar. dashboard-24px

Keep in mind that you need to be authorized to view the dashboard.

Lytho keeps track of all kinds of actions performed by the users. This valuable information is shown in the Lytho dashboard in several lists and graphs. If gives insight about:

  • the total amount of assets
  • most used assets
  • popular tags
  • popular templates
  • the total amount of users
  • the most active users

The statistics of several periods can be shown like: last week, this month, or this year. 

Export to Excel

A more specific overview can be generated by exporting a statistics list of one of the modules. In this export, each performed action within a set timeframe is listed. See who downloaded which asset at what time, or filter which template has been used the least so you might consider whether it will still be of value.