What is a task?

Based on your authorization, you can be asked to review newly added assets or created publications.

Approving added assets in the Waiting room

When the Waiting room module is activated, newly added assets will need approval before they are added to the Asset manager. Approving these assets is a type of task that will be assigned to all authorized users that are in the same group as the requesting user, and can be assigned to one specific authorized user.

A task will automatically be assigned to all users that are authorized to approve assets when approval is needed. This means that all users with the authorization to approve assets will receive a task in their to-do list. However, a task can be assigned to one specific user. If this is done, the general task will still be visible for the other authorized users, but the badge number in the top right corner will be reduced by 1. For the user with the assigned task, the badge number will be increased by 1.

Approving created publications

Depending on the template settings, created publications may need approval before they can be published or used. (This workflow can be managed in the template settings) If approval is required, a newly created publication will result in a task for all authorized users to approve the publication. And just like the approval of assets in the Waiting room, tasks for approving publications can be assigned to single users as well.

How to assign a task?