What are user groups?

A group of users, grouped on the basis of a certain selection of permission tags to establish their permissions in Lytho.

A user group is used to assign multiple users the same permissions. This is done by applying permission tags to a group.


The user groups allow administrators to give a group of users access to assets, brand guides, and templates in a quick and easy way. A user group is linked to a selection of one or more permission tags. The tags determine which permitted assets, brand guides, and templates will be visible for the users in a specific group.

How to add permission tags?


The group a user is in will also affect the workflows in Lytho. A request for approval task will first of all be assigned to the authorized users that are in the same group as the user requesting approval. Therefore not all authorized users will receive a task as it might be irrelevant to most of them. 

How about a role?

A role is not the same as a group. It determines which Lytho modules are accessible and, if accessible, what the user may or may not do in that module.