What are tags?

Tags should be added to assets, templates and publications to help you and your colleagues easily find them in the future.

Add tags to your assets to ensure you will find it whenever you need it and search for it. Tags can be added in all kinds of sorts. Add the name of the campaign it is used for, the name of the people on the picture, the name of the company department, a specific id, or tag the name of a participating third party who helped to create your assets. Let your creativity run free, but make sure you structure your tags well and maintain consistency.

How to manage your tags and tag groups?

Suggested tags

Lytho will suggest tags to make it easier for you to assign valuable tags to an asset. 

  • Available tags in Lytho
    These are already existing tags that are not assigned yet to the asset you're editing. Lytho checks the existing tags and suggests those who might be valuable when added to this asset.