What are Lytho notifications?

Lytho can notify its user when the status of an asset or publication has changed, when (your) action is required/finished, or when your role has been changed.

The notifications are first of all closely related to the approval workflows in Lytho. When a user, without the authorization to approve assets, sends in assets for approval it will trigger the approval workflow and it will automatically send the authorized users a notification. When approving or declining an asset, Lytho will notify the user of the newly updated status of the asset.
The same goes for publications that require approval. Notifications are being sent when approval is needed or when a publication is approved or declined.

But not only the workflows will cause notifications for a user.

When your Lytho user administrator moves you to another user group, you will be notified as it may affect what you can, or cannot do within Lytho.

Also, when performing a heavy task in Lytho, like importing a lot of users/tags/metadata, you can select the option to close the modal and be notified when the task has been executed successfully. 

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