What are joboptions?

Joboptions are recommended pdf-settings defined by a commercial printer or print service provider saved in a .joboptions-file.

The Publishing module in Lytho offers a way to fill an InDesign template with content you want. After creating your new publication you will be able to download and share your newly created masterpiece. Before downloading or sharing this publication, you have to think of the purpose it's being used for. Exporting a pdf file from Adobe InDesign can be done in many different predefined settings. There are a few export settings predefined by Adobe, each with its own purpose:

High-Quality Print
Creates PDFs for quality printing on desktop printers and proofing devices.

Press Quality
Creates PDF files for high-quality print production (for example, for digital printing or for separations to an imagesetter or platesetter)

Smallest File Size
Creates PDF files for displaying on the web, an intranet, or for email distribution

A note by Adobe:

Before creating an Adobe PDF file to send to a commercial printer or print service provider, find out what the output resolution and other settings should be, or ask for a .joboptions file with the recommended settings. You might need to customize the Adobe PDF settings for a particular provider and then provide a .joboptions file of your own.

So these joboptions in Lytho apply to publications. Are you looking for predefined output settings for Assets? Check the article about Download presets.

Creating a custom joboptions file

Follow these steps to create your own PDF presets in a joboptions file:

  1. Go to Adobe InDesign
  2. Click File > Adobe PDF Presets
  3. Click New...
  4. Give the Preset a name
  5. Configure the settings
  6. Click Save
  7. Select the newly created preset
  8. Click Save As...


When creating publications with a pdf output that has one or multiple hyperlinks, you should make sure to enable Hyperlinks in your joboptions file.