What are download presets?

Download presets are settings to balance file size with quality, depending on how the asset is used. The width and height (px) and DPI can be defined and labeled with a user-friendly title.

Assets can be downloaded in their original size but Lytho offers a way to define download presets for your assets. With these presets a user can download assets in the right dimensions, for the right purposes. When downloading an asset, the defined presets show up. The user can see the dimensions, Dots Per Inch (DPI) and the title of a preset, so they can choose the correct filesize.

For instance: If a user is looking for an image in the asset manager to create a new Facebook cover, it is no longer needed to download the highest resolution or manually crop the original image. A preset labeled 'Facebook cover' can be defined with the dimensions (820 x 312 pixels) suggested by Facebook.

How to add download presets?

Check out the Adobe InDesign User Guide to learn more about presets.