What are blocks in a Brand guide?

With blocks you can display valuable content in relation to the corporate identity on pages in your brand guide.

A brand guide consists of pages and blocks. Each page can contain multiple blocks with different kinds of content. A block can contain six different types of content:

  • Text: In a textblock, you can add text in any desirable format. The textblock provides the ability to, insert tables, change paragraph styles, align the text, create lists and insert links.
  • Image: This block creates a frame in which you can add an image. This image can be selected from the asset gallery, but you can also upload an image from your desktop.
  • Multiple images: In this block, multiple images can be selected from the asset gallery. These images will be displayed in a slideshow on a brand guide page.
  • Fonts: In this block, one or multiple fonts can be uploaded from the asset manager or from your desktop. These fonts will be displayed with their font family, font style and a 'Lorem ipsum' paragraph.
  • Color Palette: A color palette will show a tile for each added color. The color of the tile can be set by HEX-, RGB-, CMYK, Pantone and RAL-codes.
  • Links: The links block is meant to create buttons for the valuable websites, related to your brand guide. The displayed name and the URL of each button are adjustable.