What are blocks in a Brand guide?

With blocks, you can display valuable content in relation to the corporate identity on pages in your brand guide.

A brand guide consists of pages and blocks. Each page can contain multiple blocks with different kinds of content. A block can contain six different types of content:

  • Text: In a text block, you can add text in any desirable format. The text block provides the ability to, insert tables, change paragraph styles, align the text, create lists, and insert links.
  • Image: This block creates a frame in which you can add an image. This image can be selected from the Asset gallery, but you can also upload an image from your desktop. Within an image block, you have the ability to add additional text right beside the image.
  • Video: A video block is similar to an image block. A video in a brand guide has control buttons so a user viewing a brand guide can play, pause, mute, fast forward, and watch the video in fullscreen.
  • Multiple images: In this block, multiple images can be selected from the asset gallery. These images will be displayed in a slideshow on a brand guide page.
  • Fonts: In this block, one or multiple fonts can be uploaded from the asset manager or from your desktop. These fonts will be displayed with their font family, font style, and a 'Lorem ipsum' paragraph.
  • Color Palette: A color palette will show a tile for each added color. The color of the tile can be set by HEX-, RGB-, CMYK, Pantone, and RAL-codes.
  • Links: The links block is meant to create buttons for valuable websites, related to your brand guide. The displayed name and the URL of each button are adjustable.


Each block has the option to add an attachment to it. An added attachment will be added in the Brand guide as a downloadable file. The user viewing this Brand guide will have the option to download the attached file.

Hiding blocks

Blocks can be hidden by the administrator/creator of the Brand guide. Hiding a block might be useful when that specific block has been copied from another Brand guide, but isn't relevant to this new Brand guide you're creating. Or when its content is outdated for some reason, but won't be revised in short term.

Hiding a block can be done in the Brand guide index when in editing mode. Use the 2021-01-18_08-34-15 icon to 'hide block in view mode'.