What are versions, variants and related assets?

With versions, you can store older versions of a specific asset. But also (cropped) variants and related assets can be created and uploaded.

In the asset detail view, you can find 'Versions', variants, and, related assets. Under the versions tab three types of assets can be found here:

  1. Variants
    A slightly different asset with, for example, different dimensions. Variants can be uploaded, just like versions. But variants can also be made using the cropping tool.
  2. Versions
    Older versions of this specific asset. These versions can be uploaded at the top of the menu. Pressing the 'Upload version' button will open your file explorer where you can select a file to be uploaded as a version. After uploading you need to select which version is active. Only the active version is available in the Asset manager.
  3. Related assets 
    The user can select related assets from the asset manager as long as the user has the right to view the asset. And keep in mind that you cannot upload assets from your local machine as a related asset. Before adding related assets, make sure to add the assets to the Lytho asset manager.