Release notes Sprint 95

Which features have been worked on/added to Lytho since the latest release?

Import tags via an Excel import file

We are very pleased to have released the new option to import tags and tag groups through the use of an Excel file. Performing small changes to your tag structure can be easily done within the settings interface, but having to set up a bigger amount of tag groups (with many tags each) will be a time-consuming activity. We believe that this feature will save our users a lot of time when adding large amounts of tags to their Lytho environment.

RN95 Import tags via Excel

Access to your collections in all places where you can select an asset

The asset select modal has been expanded with a Collections tab. With this, you could get inspiration from preconceived public or private collections or just narrow down your search area instead of having to search for that one needle in a haystack called the Asset Manager. You come across the asset select modal when, for example, adding a new image to your brand guide, when choosing an image in a publication, or when adding a related asset.

RN95 Collections in asset select modal

More filetypes supported on the request for upload page

Within Lytho, some users might have to option to invite third-party users, like photographers or other creatives, to upload their files to the waiting room without them needing an account. This request for upload page used to support a limited range of filetypes to be uploaded, but now it does support more filetypes including the most common audio and video filetypes.