Release notes Sprint 94

Which features have been worked on/added to Lytho since the latest release?

Shared assets detail page & user notification on download

In the previous sprint, we have added the possibility to name your share links and make the email address mandatory when downloading shared assets. These email addresses can now be returned in a notification when that user downloads one of your shared assets. Clicking this notification will bring you to your personal shared links page where you have the option to view the link details: Who downloaded which assets on what date?

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Possibility to add labeled links in the create and publish rich text editor and have them clickable in the output

Within the Create & Publish module we have added the option to create a labeled link (hyperlink) in the rich text editor. This link will be clickable in the output which can be a powerful addition to your digitally shared publications.

❕ A custom joboptions file, where hyperlinks are included in the export settings, is needed to create a hyperlink in your output.

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Original file embedded link (useful for PDF files)

Embedded links can now be created from the original file instead of a preview. This provides a way to view an embedded link of a PDF file in a PDF viewer instead of a one-page JPG preview. In a PDF viewer, you can see all pages and have all interactivity of a PDF. 

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