Release notes Sprint 93

Which features have been worked on/added to Lytho since the latest release?

Naming your shared links

Users with sufficient rights can share several things from Lytho like publications, brand guides, assets, and requests for uploading assets. To help our users manage all created share links more easily we have added a name field to the 'create share link' modal. When creating a share link, users can give the link a short name as a note to themselves. This name won't be displayed on the share page when following the link, but it will only be displayed in the shared links overview within Lytho.

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Email address is required when downloading shared assets

A shared link with downloadable assets is basically accessible for anyone that gets a hand on that link. Sharing assets that allow downloading can now be better-tracked thanks to the mandatory email field. Before allowing recipients of a share link to download the assets from the share page, they are obliged to fill in their email address which will be saved within Lytho. Soon, we will work on showing these email addresses in the shared links details so you can actually see who has downloaded your shared assets.

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ℹ️ Are you interested in using this feature in your Lytho environment? Please contact your account manager.

Updated our InDesign server to the latest version

Our Adobe InDesign server is the engine under the hood of the Create & publish module. All publications, based on InDesign templates, are generated through our InDesign server.

Adobe releases annual updates for the Creative Cloud applications such as InDesign. In order to also be able to support the newest functions of InDesign 2021 in Lytho, we have updated our InDesign Server to the latest version (2021).