Release notes Sprint 92

Which features have been worked on/added to Lytho since the latest release?

Add a second approver for uploading new assets

Lytho users with the right to approve assets can send their uploaded assets directly to the Asset manager without the need for any approval needed. With this release, we have extended the Waiting room by making it possible to send assets in for a second approval to get them checked by a colleague before they are uploaded to the Asset manager. 

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ℹ️ Are you interested in using this feature in your Lytho environment? Please contact your account manager.

Maximum number of characters on template text fields

As a template manager/designer you will have to continuously think about how you can set up a template in such a way that it is widely applicable and meets the limitations of your brand. To help users use a template as intended by the designer, constraints can serve as guidelines. We have added the option to set a limit on the number of characters that a user can use within a specific text field. This can be done within the template field settings. It will inform users in advance about the limits of the text field when creating a publication, preventing textfield overrides when generating output.

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Blocking multiple assets for download via the batch action bar

The action bar is a very powerful tool within the Asset manager. It makes a user's life so much easier when having to edit multiple assets at the same time. However, the option to block multiple assets for downloading was still missing.. until this release! With this, we hope to make the action bar even more powerful and save our users even more time in managing their assets.

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Ability to upload large files to the Asset manager (up to 500GB!)

Last but not least, we have made changes to our file processing technology allowing assets larger than 5GB to be uploaded too. We even made it possible to upload files up to 500GB to the Asset manager. Keep in mind that processing large files might take a while to be completely uploaded. But in the meantime, you will be able to use Lytho without having to bother with the upload process.