Release notes Sprint 89

Which features have been worked on/added to Lytho since the latest release?

Set permissions per tag group menu

Tag group menus allow users to view multiple tag groups in a single modal to make filtering by tags much easier. These menus can now be restricted with permissions. If permissions are applied, only users with the same permissions as applied on the tag group menu will be able to see and use the tag group menu. As a result, users will not be bothered by menus that do not apply to what they should be looking for.

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An increased amount of tag groups in a menu

Speaking of tag group menus, we got a lot of positive feedback on them since it has been released. Yet, there is always room for improvement and we from Lytho are always open to suggestions of our customers. One of the suggestions we decided to work on was increasing the limit of eight tag groups per menu to 20. When reaching the maximum width, a horizontal scrollbar will appear in the menu. 

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💡 Tip: Hover over the long tag names that are abbreviated in the tag group menu to see the full name in a tooltip.

Add extension label to selectable outputs in a publication

Publications are created in different types of files like png, jpg, or pdf. These output types are managed in the template settings. Authorized users can choose an output file type and give it a user-friendly name like 'LinkedIn Post' or 'A5 leaflet for print'. To reinforce this name we have added the output file type as a label to help the user choosing the best output for their publication.

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